Beware the Shark Tank Diet Pill Scam

You may have seen ads on social media for Shark Tank sponsored diet pills. These scams purport to have Shark Tank‘s seal of approval. The truth is that Shark Tank has never sponsored any diet pill. These are scams that use fake celebrity approvals to get unwitting consumers to buy their products.

Many of these products are related to keto diet pills that supposedly speed up your body’s entrance to ketosis.

According to, only a few keto-related products have ever graced the Shark Tank stage. Alex Rodriguez sank $300,00 into Nui, a keto cookie company. Other than that, there have been virtually no keto-related products.

Even Lori Greiner came out to warn people about these diet pill scams.

It seems to be a common scam among these supplement ads. Lie about celebrity endorsements, scam people into buying, then disappear.

What to do if you or someone you know has fallen victim to one of these scams?

Let Shark Tank know. You can contact them at their Facebook page here. If they get back to you and ask you to send them proof, have an article from the source of the ad that says they aren’t legit.

Shark Tank also advises consumers:

If the spam you’re getting qualifies as “miracle cure” claims like many of these fake products – weight loss, anti-aging – it can be reported to the web complaints team in the Dept of Justice – ( to this address –

If you want a legitimate way to learn about ketosis and the keto diet, click here.